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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the people in the Bunnings Warehouse AD?

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When was the first Bunnings Warehouse in Australia?

Bunnings Warehouse has a long, proud history in Australia. It was founded in Perth way back in 1887 as a company focused on sawmilling, but became a public company in 1952 and expanded into the retail world.

Why is Bunnings Warehouse in the hardware industry?

The anticipated growth in the demand for home hardware, garden products and building products could be considered as a formidable impetus from the social determinants to indicate favourable prospects for the business of Bunnings Warehouse. Technology is perceived as a key aspect in the hardware industry.

Where can I find the Bunnings catalogue for July?

The Bunnings Warehouse catalogue this week can be found here , where you can also read all about Bunnings specials for July. Bunnings specials are snapped up quickly in Australia, so make sure you’re among the first to see the Bunnings catalogue this week.

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