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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the official Bunnings Warehouse YouTube channel?

Welcome to the official Bunnings Warehouse YouTube channel. Here you'll find handy advice, tips and ideas on home improvement, outdoor living and gardening. Our Team Members cover a wide range of D.I.Y. projects with easy, step-by-step instructions to help you get it done.

Why is Bunnings Warehouse in the hardware industry?

The anticipated growth in the demand for home hardware, garden products and building products could be considered as a formidable impetus from the social determinants to indicate favourable prospects for the business of Bunnings Warehouse. Technology is perceived as a key aspect in the hardware industry.

How many stores does Bunnings have in New Zealand?

The presence of the organization could be identified in its operations across 253 warehouses, 33 trade centres, 77 small format stores and 3 frame and truss sites functional in New Zealand and Australia.

What's the market share of Bunnings in Australia?

The reputation of Bunnings in the Australian home improvement retailing sector could be clearly anticipated from its market share estimated at 35.2% (, 2018).

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