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Frequently Asked Questions

When was the first Bunnings Warehouse in Australia?

Bunnings Group trades as Bunnings Warehouse in Australia and supplies the nation with household hardware. Wesfarmers has owned the chain since 1994. The first store was founded in Perth, Western Australia back in 1886.

How many stores does Bunnings have in New Zealand?

The presence of the organization could be identified in its operations across 253 warehouses, 33 trade centres, 77 small format stores and 3 frame and truss sites functional in New Zealand and Australia.

What's the phone number for Bunnings in Australia?

If you can’t make it to one of our stores but would like to speak to a team member, we have a dedicated phone line to support your D.I.Y. needs. Please call us on 1800 560 771. We appreciate your support in keeping this service for customers who need specific assistance with their D.I.Y. projects.

What kind of services does Bunnings Warehouse offer?

Bunnings Warehouse offer a variety of additional services, both in-home and in-store. The in-home services are mainly installations, assembling, quotes and consultancy for multiple products. The in-store services include a hire shop, spare parts enquiry, colour matching, key cutting, pool water testing and gas swapping.

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