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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Bunnings in Australia?

Wesfarmers owns Bunnings and some other popular retail stores in Australia such as kmart, target and Officeworks. From its origins in 1914, Wesfarmers has grown into one of Australia’s largest listed companies.

What kind of business does Bunnings Warehouse do?

Bunnings warehouse is the leading retailer of home improvement and outdoor living products in Australia and New Zealand and a major supplier to project builders, commercial tradespeople and the housing industry. As per their website, revenue across the 2019 financial year exceeded $13.1 billion.

Who is the landlord of the Bunnings Warehouse?

The Bunnings Warehouse Trust is the major landlord for the Bunnings business. The trust owns 68 assets, of which a majority are leased to the Bunnings warehouse business.

How many stores does Bunnings have in New Zealand?

The presence of the organization could be identified in its operations across 253 warehouses, 33 trade centres, 77 small format stores and 3 frame and truss sites functional in New Zealand and Australia.

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