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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Bunnings stores are there in Australia?

Now, Bunnings Warehouse has 295 stores across Australia and New Zealand, and employs over 30,000 employees. Australian shoppers love the wide variety of products available in the Bunnings catalogue and the amount of money they can save thanks to Bunnings specials.

What kind of services does Bunnings Warehouse offer?

Bunnings Warehouse offer a variety of additional services, both in-home and in-store. The in-home services are mainly installations, assembling, quotes and consultancy for multiple products. The in-store services include a hire shop, spare parts enquiry, colour matching, key cutting, pool water testing and gas swapping.

Where do I go to buy products from Bunnings?

For products purchased from Bunnings: contact your nearest store or email Customer Support at [email protected] For products purchased from on our website from a third party Trusted Seller: contact the Trusted Seller in the first instance for assistance.

Is there a hardware store similar to Bunnings?

An new overseas hardware chain has shocked Australians for its striking resemblance to Bunnings Warehouse. The company Builders Warehouse has a number of stores in the Philippines, and uses a dark green and red colour scheme, the same hammer symbol and a very similar font to Bunnings.

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