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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best definition of bureaucratic rationality?

Bureaucratic rationality is identified as domination through knowledge, or that which allows things to be known.

What is the definition of bureaucratization in politics?

To counteract this bureaucratic possibility, the system needs entrepreneurs and politicians. bureaucratization: The formation of, or the conversion of something into, a bureaucracy.

What did Max Weber mean by rationalization and bureaucracy?

October 14, 1999 Rationalization and Bureaucracy A. Rationalization Rationalization as an ideal type and as an historical force appears in much of Weber's writings. He regards the development of rational forms to be one of the most important characteristics of the development of Western society and capitalism.

What does it mean to rationalize an organization?

While rationalization means the justification of something in which organizing something into a logical system. Many organization is often rationalized to make the organization as helpful as possible. This paper will discuss Weber’s conception of bureaucracy and rationalization.

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