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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between bursitis and tendonitis?

Bursitis vs. Tendonitis. Bursitis and tendonitis involve the inflammation or irritation of adjacent portions of the human body.(1) In the case of bursitis, it’s the small sacs or bursae, that lie between muscles, tendons, and skin that are out of whack, whereas tendonitis involves the tendons themselves.

What are the classic symptoms of bursitis?

The most common symptom of bursitis is pain. The pain may build up gradually or be sudden and severe, especially if calcium deposits are present. Severe loss of motion in the shoulder -- called "adhesive capsulitis" or frozen shoulder -- can also result from the immobility and pain associated with shoulder bursitis.

What does bursitis look like?

Sometimes the swelling develops quickly. The swelling can worsen to look like a soft golf ball at the tip of the elbow (see Figure 2). Most of the time, the bursitis does not cause pain. The bursa can become infected, which will cause tenderness, redness, or warmth in the area; you may also have a fever.

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