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Frequently Asked Questions

Will shoulder bursitis ever go away?

After a successful injection, the bursitis may resolve completely and never recur. However, if the trauma that caused bursitis is repeated, there can be recurrence. Occasionally there is no obvious reason for the recurrence. Sometimes calcium salts deposit in the bursa, and can cause recurrence of bursitis.

How do I choose the best shoulder bursitis treatment?

More specifically, the following treatments may help with shoulder bursitis: Anti-inflammatories: Aspirin or ibuprofen can reduce swelling and discomfort in the shoulder. ... Rest: Reducing shoulder movement can stop the bursa from getting more irritated and give it time to heal. ... Ice packs: When an injury or overuse causes bursitis, an ice pack can help within the first 5 days. ... More items...

Will shoulder bursitis heal itself?

Recovery time is longer if bursitis is caused by overuse. It may take several weeks or more to heal, especially if the shoulder joint is still being used. Shoulder bursitis may take longer to heal if other shoulder problems are present, including tendinitis or bone problems.

When is surgery necessary for bursitis?

Generally, no surgical intervention is required for cases of trochanteric bursitis, because most patients respond well to nonsurgical treatment. However, surgery may be indicated if symptoms prove refractory to conservative management.

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