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Frequently Asked Questions

What is international networking?

International Networking Week® is an initiative of BNI®. International Networking Week® will feature a number of networking events across the world. The goal of International Networking Week® is to celebrate the key role that networking plays in the development and success of businesses across the world.

What are the types of international business strategy?

Four major types of international business strategies are portrayed in Figure below (Barlett and Ghoshal, 1989). Figure to be inserted. Figure : Global business strategies. Multinationals: The multinational strategy focuses on local responsiveness. Subsidiaries operate autonomously or in a loose federation.

What are some jobs in international business?

Some common job titles for international business degree holders include: Management Analyst - Management analysts help to improve organizational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase revenues. Interpreter - Many companies with broadening international ties need interpreters and translators to help them do business.

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