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Frequently Asked Questions

What class of medications is Buspar?

Buspar and alcohol. Buspar is a brand name for the drug buspirone. Buspirone belongs to a class of medications called anxiolytics or antianxiety drugs. It helps relieve anxiety by slowing activity in your central nervous system.

What is the lowest dose of Buspar?

The recommended starting dose of BuSpar is 5 mg twice daily. The dose may be increased by 5 mg every 2 to 3 days, with a maximum dose that generally does not exceed 60 mg.

Is Buspar a stimulant?

Technically BuSpar is not a stimulant. It does reduce anxiety by affecting brain chemistry possibly by dopaminergic activity. Consuming caffeine while taking BuSpar is not contraindicated although caffeine can increase nervousness.

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