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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take Buspar before a drug test?

There is a myth that taking Buspar before a drug test may skew the results. Though Buspirone leaves the system quite rapidly, its metabolites can be found in different body systems for a certain period of time. Does Buspar show up on a drug test? If yes, how long does Buspar stay in one’s urine? What is the half-life of Buspirone?

What does buspirone do to a drug test?

U.S. Pharmacist lists buspirone as a central nervous system agent that can bring forth false-positive results on urine drug screenings.

How long does Buspar stay in your system and what does it do?

"Buspirone stays in the system for usually 18-24 hours. Buspirone is excreted up to 63% in 24 hours. It has a half-life of only a few hours. Due to its short half-life, this drug leaves the urine, blood, hair and saliva within 18-24 hours." Hope this helps and answers your questions. Best regards, Wildcat Still looking for answers?

When to stop taking buspirone to avoid false positives?

Buspirone may cause false positives in certain types of tests. The drug is primarily secreted through the urine, which can complicate the most common type of drug screening. If you’re taking drugs or medical tests, you may need to stop taking the drug 48 hours before.

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