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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students at BYU?

BYU total enrollment is approximately 34,318 students. 28,288 are undergraduates and 1,831 are graduate students. BYU Undergraduate Population Male/Female Breakdown of Undergraduates The full-time BYU undergraduate population is made up of 51% women, and 49% men. For the gender breakdown for all students, go here.

What does BYU stand for college?

BYU Stands for More. Provo, Utah houses such unique institution: Brigham Young University. In an ever-changing college football landscape, BYU has remained stalwart in their foundation as a religious institution. Independence has brought a lot of exposure to BYU that is unprecedented in college football.

What is the full name of the College BYU?

Brigham Young University ( BYU) is a private research university in Provo, Utah that is sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). It is run under the auspices of the church's education organization, the Church Educational System (CES).

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