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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cable car to the top of Cannon Mountain?

A cable car brings visitors to the 4,080-foot summit of Cannon Mountain in under ten minutes. On a clear day, you can see the mountains of four states and Canada! At the summit, you'll find spectacular scenic walking paths, a 360 degree observation deck, a cafe and restrooms. Cafe hours are currently 9am-4pm.

Is there a cable car at Mount Lowe?

The great incline at Mount Lowe, a funicular rather than a cable car line, ran for a distance of 3,000 feet on a grade varying from 48 to 62 per cent from Rubio Canyon to the summit of Echo Mountain. Professor Thaddeus Sobieski Constantine Lowe, who was born in Jefferson Mills, New Hampshire on 20-Aug-1832, led a remarkable life.

What was the problem with the cable car in California?

The Alpine Division suffered from many problems common to the California mountains. Trestles and short sections of track were regularly hit by landslides and flash floods. The Echo Mountain Chalet and cable winding house burned in 1905, reducing the incline to limited operation for some time.

When was the Echo Mountain Cable Car built?

They built the Pasadena and Mount Wilson Railway, a 3' 6" gauge trolley line from the Altadena station of the Los Angeles Terminal Railway to Rubio Canyon in 1891 and 1892. During the winter of 1891, crews began building the great incline to the summit of Echo Mountain. The incline opened on 04-Jul-1893.

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