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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colors of the extension cable kit?

The Colored Extension Cable Kit offers enough extension cables to fully support a 16 EPS pin motherboard and two 16 pin GPU build. The Colored Extension Cable Kit currently comes in 4 available color options : Black / White / White & Black / Red & Black.

What does the sleeved extension cable Kit do?

The Sleeved Extension Cable Kit delivers universal ATX cable extensions with high quality colored cable sleeves. The kit provides 7 pieces to cover all your main system cables and comes in five available color options. The three-layer protective design provides protection from various hazards such as acid and mildew without sacrificing flexibility.

What kind of cable extension do I need for power supply?

These cable extensions work with your power supply's existing cables, and are the easiest way to give your system that professionally sleeved look. This kit comes with two 8-pin PCI-e extensions.

Which is the best cable mods extension kit?

The beauty of the Cable Mods extension kit is that it will work with any build. A huge upside to this kit over others is that it comes from a trusted company. Cable Mods is the best in the business, there is no worry that they used thin gauge wire that will catch fire under heavy load.

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