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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cable lengths are in nautical miles?

2 Cable Lengths (imperial) to Nautical Miles (international) = 0.2. 80 Cable Lengths (imperial) to Nautical Miles (international) = 8. 3 Cable Lengths (imperial) to Nautical Miles (international) = 0.3.

Which is the best definition of cable length?

Definition of cable length. : a maritime unit of length variously reckoned as 100 fathoms, 120 fathoms, or 608 feet.

What kind of cable is a marine cable?

Marine cable also called shipboard cable, which requires quality and conformity to the highest maritime standards.

How big is a full size cable ship?

•Purpose Built: •140 m length; 7.8m Design Draft •5500 + MT cable capacity •84 persons •60+ days endurance •Highly Experienced Marine Team •Proven Heavy Weather Capable •Equipped for Installation and Maintenance •Highly maneuverable w/ full Dynamic Positioning •60 MT A Frame •Plow and ROV equipped •Full Cable Jointing & Testing facilities

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