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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should the cable be between the VFD and the motor?

Regardless, always attempt to keep the cable distance from the VFD to motor short as possible (30m or less). If it gets longer, discuss with your motor and VFD manufacturer. There are many differences between both VFD and motor designs, let alone the system voltage used.

How big is an amp for a VFD cable?

Most simply it is the charging current of the cable itself which can be fairly substantial in very long lengths. With a VFD rated cable, this could be as much as an amp for every 100 feet of cable length.

How long is a variable frequency drive cable?

Variable Frequency Drive Cables Recommendations Cable length L Output filters L ≤ 100 m Not needed 100 m < L ≤ 300 m Output reactor needed (at least 2% volta ... L > 300 m Special filters needed (contact Gozuk)

What's the longest lead length for a VFD?

For this reason, today’s Vector Duty motors are 1600 CIV, and, as a result, are far better suited for use with VFDs. So, let's look at those columns (yellow boxes where they intersect with red). With just a drive and vector duty motor, the longest lead length is 500 feet.

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