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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any cable modems with Intel Puma 6 chip sets?

Most cable modems with Intel's Puma 6 chip sets are effected. Users may want to contact there modem Mfrs if they are having problems with effected modems.

Are there any problems with the Puma 7 chipsets?

Reports of the Puma 7 chipsets may also be defective, so the best thing to do is avoid any cable modem with Intel inside. Ran the test and here's the results. This doesn't look too good. Finished. Excess red is a concern if most measurements are 50ms or less.

Why is my Intel Puma 6 modem so slow?

The Puma 6 chipset’s main issue was high spikes in network latency & network jitter, which causes slow web page loading. It not only caused an issue with web surfing but also online gaming and streaming. The problem is with the CPU in the modem is taking too much time to process network packets.

Is the Intel Puma 6 chipset a class action lawsuit?

The chipset has caused many disconnects and interruptions with service. Please understand that these modems are the only ones affected and shouldn't harm a manufacturers name. Most have started using a different brand chipset in newer modem models. If you bought one of these modems, learn more about a potential class action lawsuit. Arris SB6190

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