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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Cable News Network has the most viewers?

As of October 2019, Fox News was the leading cable network in the United States, with approximately 1.5 million total day viewers. Fox News also leads the ranking of the most viewed cable news networks during prime time. Competitor MSNBC ranked second, while ESPN ranked third with 909 thousand total day viewers.

What cable network has the most viewers?

Fox News Tops HGTV, Nickelodeon as Most-Watched Cable Network. Fox News was the most-watched network among basic cable in both total day and primetime viewers last week, while CNN beat MSNBC among the key news demo. Fox News averaged 2.2 million primetime viewers from May 29 through June 4, while HGTV finished second with 1.5 million viewers.

Which News Network is the most accurate?

When most people ask you for most trustworthy or reliable news sources, the BBC is one of the first you hear about. Known around the world for accurate and reliable reporting, they are even judged well in their own country - where people tend to be most critical about the reliability and accuracy of their news.

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