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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the diameter of a cable?

The outer diameter of a telephone cable does not exceed 75 mm, and the cables are usually placed in conduits having a standard diameter of 100 mm.

What's the best coaxial cable for a HDTV antenna?

The best coaxial cables for HDTV antennas in 2019 AmazonBasics CL2-Rated Coaxial TV Cable. Amazon seems to have all of their fingers in all the pies, so it should come as no surprise that coaxial cables are part of ... KabelDirekt Digital Coaxial Cable. ... Mediabridge Coaxial Cable. ... Cable Matters Quad Shielded Coaxial Cable. ... The Cimple Co White Coaxial Cable. ...

What is the size of a coaxial cable?

Coax cables, as well as twinaxial cables, can be purchased with double, single or triple shielding. RF twinax and coax cables are built in low loss and standard performance versions, ranging in size from 0.020 to 0.945 inches in diameter.

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