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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the TV have a cable card slot?

The television has a cable card slot so you don't have to rent the cable box from the cable card company. The television receives reception fine for the most part on several channels, however there are a number of channels it doesn't get good reception.

Is a cable box needed for digital TV?

You are going to need a cable box if you have a mix of analog and digital channels, though many new and advanced television sets come with a built-in cable receiver. So, you clearly don't need a cable box to go along with every TV in your house.

What is a Comcast Cable Card?

Comcast CableCARDs are a simple alternative to digital set-top boxes so they receive only one-way digital cable channels.

What is standard TV cable called?

Coaxial cable for video. The most common types of coaxial cable for video are RG-59 and RG-6. Of these, RG-59 is the industry standard cable, whereas RG-6 is better for digital video signals.

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