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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cable TV in North Carolina?

TV Use in North Carolina. The team knows a lot about TV, such as 90% of households subscribe to a TV service like cable TV. In addition to paying for TV, 72% of U.S. subscribers bundle high-speed Internet with their TV service. North Carolina's population is 9,303,990, which means that close to 8,373,591 North Carolinians subscribe...

Which is the best cable provider in Raleigh NC?

Centurylink Prism TV offers a huge variety of On Demand titles, and Spectrum Cable boasts over 10,000 On Demand options. What are the best TV providers in Raleigh, North Carolina?

How is the Internet service in North Carolina?

Cable Internet is blazing fast with 5-10 Mbps downstream speeds, and accounts for 32% of North Carolina's web-going population, or about 2,977,277 North Carolinians. If you are beginning to think that all we know about cable TV and Internet in North Carolina are stats, lets switch subjects.

Which is the best cable TV provider in Durham NC?

Don't miss out on the latest from the North Carolina Central Eagles, Duke Blue Devils, or the Durham Bulls by selecting DIRECTV or AT&T U-verse TV. Stay in the loop with popular series by ordering Spectrum Cable or DISH TV. Going to school? Considering bundling the services you need to excel academically while kicking back to enjoy college sports?

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