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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Oan stand for in cable news?

It's about time someone filled the void. Most cable news now more closely resembles talk radio. OAN, which stands for One America News Network (there's no second "N" in the logo), is actually beating Fox News sibling Fox Business in the cut-throat ratings race, according to Rentrak, which measures viewers differently than its rival, Nielsen.

Which is the highest rated cable news network?

Performing well during the mid-evening prime time slot on cable television is the goal of any network that takes its ratings seriously. Cable news networks like Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are engaged in a monthly battle to hit the top spot during prime time and grab the highest cable news ratings during those precious evening hours.

What are the ratings for one America News Network?

Ratings. OANN does not subscribe to Nielsen ratings, citing the rating companies' high price. In March 2019, OANN cited Comscore set-top-box viewership data to claim it was the "fourth-rated cable news network" that month. Litigation

What kind of ratings are there for cable TV?

In the United States, cable television ratings is a national audience measurement system that projects the size and popularity of cable television programming. This activity is carried out by a company called Nielsen Media Research hence commonly known as Nielsen ratings.

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