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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use cablemod with a PSU?

A couple of months ago, when CableMod launched, you could only get a select number of pre-made cable kits, which were only compatible with a select set of PSUs. If your PSU didn't show up in the compatibility list, you were out of luck. Well, today you're in luck, because CableMod announced its DIY Cable Extensions.

Is there a way to replace PSU cables?

@bobzen yep - those would be direct replacement cables via the configurator if you selected the PSU under PSU cables. @bobzen yep, that would cover the visible cables - and you'd be all good to go.

What kind of cable is cablemod Pro Series?

The CableMod Pro Series represents the next-generation of CableMod cables engineered for the discerning PC enthusiast and modder.

Can a modular power supply work with cablemod?

Because these are cable extensions and not replacements, they are guaranteed to be compatible with your system, even if you don't have a modular power supply. The extensions work quite simply. Just grab a couple of CableMod Connector packs and your choice of CableMod ModFlex Sleeved Wires.

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