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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I import emails from CableOne to Sparklight?

Select the import options for your email. Import mail: checking this box will import ALL email for your account. Leave a copy of retrieved message on the server: checking this box will retain a copy of all emails on the Sparklight webmail server.

What happens to CableOne email after Sparklight shutdown?

However, Sparklight customers who have a CableOne email address with the template [email protected] will receive 60 days notice before their email service is discontinued, Gabel stated. That two-month window is designed to give CableOne email users enough time to set up and transition to another email account.

What happened to CableOne email service?

Internet and cable TV provider Sparklight will discontinue CableOne email service for its residential customers during the course of the coming year, Sparklight Communications Manager Tammy Gabel said last week.

How do I export everything from Sparklight webmail?

There’s a quick way to export everything from Sparklight webmail for archival purposes or to use in other email clients. This includes email, calendars, tasks, contacts, and briefcase contents. Follow the instructions below to export these elements into a compressed TAR file. Log into your Sparklight email HERE.

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