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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the broadband providers for Cable One?

Sparklight is one of Cable One’s brand names and offers broadband communications services. Sparklight is available to over 900,000 residential and business customers across 21 states. Sparklight offers high-speed internet and advanced Wi-Fi options, cable TV, and phone services.

What kind of email service does Cable One offer?

Cable ONE provides high speed Internet, cable television and telephone services. Cable ONE offers Internet service customers up to 20 free email accounts, accessed via their webmail platform or using a mail client connecting to POP and/ or IMAP services.

Where do I Find my Cable One account number?

You can find your Billing Account Number on your paper bill. Fill out your personal details. Now select a User ID. This will form the first part of your Cable ONE email address, the part that appears before Usually this is your name or nickname.

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