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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app for Cablevision live TV?

Like previous versions of the Optimum App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, Optimum App for Laptop allows Cablevision's iO TV digital cable customers to watch all the channels they subscribe to, live, on any Mac or PC laptop computer in the home.

How does the Cablevision Optimum app work for laptop?

Programming is delivered to the home over Cablevision's secure network and is not transmitted over the Internet. Optimum App for Laptop features a new user interface and fully-searchable guide that make it easier than ever before for viewers to find programming to watch.

Where can I watch my cable TV on my computer?

Watch cable TV anywhere with Optimum TV to GO. Sign in with your Optimum ID to access your favorite movies and shows on your laptop computer, tablet, phone and more! Currently viewing account details for:

Is there an app to watch live TV?

Download the Optimum App | Optimum Watch live TV, access on-demand content, schedule your DVR and more, all from the Optimum App. Download for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle and more. Currently viewing account details for:

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