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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about cafeland?

Created by GAMEGOS, Cafeland is a fun restaurant management simulation title that enables you to build your very own bistro! You have all the tools available to make your way to the top! Choose from hundreds of decorations, dining, and cooking furniture that would adorn your restaurant’s walls and flooring.

What can you do in cafeland on Facebook?

One of the most popular social games in Facebook, Caféland invites you to realize your very own café dreams. The game lets you become the chef and the artist of your own place. Earn coins, please your customers and create a fabulous interior design! Chef Eva will guide you through a great experience of managing a fantastic café!

What to do in cafeland World Kitchen PC?

Cafeland- World Kitchen PC Features Tons of different furniture and designs for your restaurant. Manage your cafe’s menu with dozens of delicious dishes. Various kitchen expansions to cook more scrumptious meals.

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