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Frequently Asked Questions

What are symbols used in calculus?

In calculus, Leibniz's notation, named in honor of the 17th-century German philosopher and mathematician Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, uses the symbols dx and dy to represent infinitely small (or infinitesimal) increments of x and y, respectively, just as Δx and Δy represent finite increments of x and y, respectively.

What is a symbol in math?

Symbols are used in all branches of math to represent a formula or procedure, express a condition or to denote a constant. The four basic operations are denoted by the following symbols: “+” implies addition, “-“ implies subtraction, “x” implies multiplication, and “/” implies division.

What does the symbol X mean in math?

In math, "x|x" means "x, such that x" in set builder notation. It is used when building lists of numbers and defining domains when graphing. The term "x|x" is put between curly brackets that begin and end a set. The first x stands for all possible numbers in a set; the second is followed by a qualifier...

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