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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the manufacturer of the Bowmar Brain Calculator?

To many, the "Bowmar Brain" is synonymous with the early pocket electronic calculator. Originally an LED (light emitting diode) display manufacturer, Bowmar/Ali, Inc. (USA), found they could not sell their displays to Japanese electronic calculator makers.

When did the Bowmar 901B calculator come out?

So good was the reception to the Bowmar 901B calculator, fondly called the Bowmar Brain, that in September 1971 it moved into large scale calculator production. This model (the 901B) was also produced for other companies including Craig (model 4501) and Commodore (C110).

Where did the Bowmar pocket calculator come from?

Bowmar soon became one of the world's largest producers of electronic calculators, mainly pocket models, for sale by themselves and by other companies such as Sears, Radio Shack, etc. (under their own nameplates). Early Bowmar calculators were made in the USA. In later years some were also made or assembled in Mexico.

When did the Bowmar calculator company go bankrupt?

In the mid-1970s, as the calculator "boom" was in full swing, Bowmar could not get enough integrated circuit chips from their suppliers and could not keep pace with the marketplace in low cost and new features. By 1976 the company had gone bankrupt, leaving a legacy of technical and marketing innovations.

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