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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate cu yards?

Calculate your volume: Multiply area times the depth, this will be volume in cubic feet. Calculate your cubic yards: Divide cubic feet by 27 to convert to cubic yards and this is your answer. Where (ft 2) = square foot, (ft 3) = cubic foot, (yd 3) = cubic yard.

How many feet are in a cube?

1 cubic feet = 1 feet * 1 feet * 1 feet (for an ideal cube) Hence, for an ideal cube, the total XY plane is responsible for holding the surface of 1 square feet area all along the Z axis up to that 1 feet length.

How many feet in cu ft?

One cubic foot is the equivalent to approximately 0.02831685 cubic metres, or 28.3169 litres. Common references: A standard (20 ft x 8ft x 8 ft 6 in) shipping container has a volume of 1,360 cubic feet. 19-22 cubic feet would describe an average size refrigerator sufficient for a family of four.

How do you calculate the cubic yards of a cylinder?

Calculate the cubic yards of a circle or cylinder volume using the formula πr 2h. yds 3 = ( π × (diameter ÷ 2) 2 ) × height. yds 3 = π × r 2 × h. π = 3.14159265359.

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