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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you multiply fractions in simplest form?

Multiplying fractions is relatively straightforward. These are the steps: multiply the numerators. multiply the denominators. reduce the fraction to its simplest form.

How do you calculate the average of a fraction?

How to Find the Average of Fractions. Add up the fractions and divide the sum by the number of fractions. To find the average of a set of fractions, integers, and mixed numbers convert the integers and mixed numbers to improper fractions, add all fractions, then divide the sum by the number of fractions as follows:

How do you find a fraction of a number?

How to find a fraction of a number. Here are the two easy steps for finding the fraction of a number: Step 1 - Find the unit fraction of the number by dividing the number by the denominator Step 2 - Multiply by the numerator. You should have now found your fraction of a number!

How do you write a whole number with a fraction?

To write a whole number as a fraction, multiply the whole number by a fraction that has the same number in the numerator and denominator spots. For example, if you want to write the whole number 5 as a fraction with 8 in the denominator, you'd multiply 5 × 8/8 = 40/8.

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