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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you put fractions on a Computer Calculator?

You may be able to write a fraction on a calculator using the fraction button. If your calculator doesn't have this feature, use an online calculator if you're allowed to do so. As another option, you might turn the fraction into a decimal or turn the fraction into a percent.

How can one multiply fractions without a calculator?

Method 1 of 3: Multiplying Simple Fractions Write down the problem on a piece of paper. Being able to see your work will help you learn how to multiply fractions better. Multiply the numerators first. [3] ... ... Figure out the new denominator by multiplying the current denominators. ... Simplify your new fraction to get it in the lowest form possible. ...

How do you multiply fractions in simplest form?

As fractions are ratios a fraction can have many equivalent forms. Multiplying the numerator and denominator of a fraction with a same number gives a fraction equivalent of the first fraction. Hence any fraction can be reduced into its simplest form by dividing he numerator and denominator with their greatest common factor.

How do you write a fraction in simple form?

Divide the numerator by the denominator Write the result as the whole number Write any remainder as the numerator of the fraction The denominator stays the same

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