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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the body fat calculator work for You?

Body Fat Calculator. The Body Fat Calculator can be used to estimate your total body fat based on specific measurements. Use the "Metric Units" tab if you are more comfortable with the International System of Units (SI). To get the best results, measure to the nearest 1/4 inch (0.5 cm).

When does the Army body fat calculator come out?

The Army Body Fat Calculator is based on the U.S. Army Standards of Medical Fitness, published on June 27th, 2019.

How to calculate your fat fire net worth?

This interactive calculator makes it easy to calculate and visualize the growth of your net worth on your journey to Fat FIRE. To use this calculator, simply fill in the inputs at the top of the page and watch the graph automatically update! Start by entering your current age, current annual take-home pay, and current annual spending.

How does the fat fire calculator work for inflation?

This calculator accounts for inflation by subtracting the inflation rate (from the input slider) from the investment growth rate of return. This gives an inflation-adjusted rate of return which is then used to calculate your Fat FIRE number and draw the graph.

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