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Frequently Asked Questions

What can a pace calculator be used for?

The calculator can also be used to estimate time taken or distance traveled with given pace and time or distance. The following calculator can determine the pace of segments of a run (or other activity) for those with access to the time at intermittent points during the run.

How can I find out my running pace?

An online pace calculator helps you to determine the running or walking pace, the time, or the distance in any unit of measurement. You can calculate pace at multiple points and finish time for different events with our running calculator.

How to calculate your 5k pace per mile?

Use this runner's pace calculator to determine your 5k pace – or your pace per mile for a given distance. Simply enter any two variables – pace, time or distance – into our pace calculator below. Who Uses a Pace Calculator?

How to calculate distance and pace in Excel?

Time, Distance, Pace, Speed formulas and relationships 1 time = pace × distance time = pace time per unit distance × distance 2 distance = time / pace distance = time / pace time per unit distance 3 pace = time / distance pace time per unit distance = time / distance 4 speed = distance / time speed distance per unit time = distance / time

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