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Frequently Asked Questions

What do teachers really need in the classroom?

Every teacher needs a classroom where students are responsible for themselves, and every "thing" has a place. In the beginning of the school year, label everything, and use totes, boxes and binders to keep materials in order and in place.

How should a teacher manage the classroom?

There can be few basic rules a teacher may follow to observe discipline, manage time and pace in the classroom. Have a set of rules in the classroom and follow through them. Have an award system for discipline and punishment for misbehaviour. A definite lesson plan is very important for managing a classroom.

How can teachers use Pinterest in the classroom?

Pinterest can bring teachers together like no other social media tool. Teachers can connect and collaborate with other educators across the country. Each teacher can create boards to share their ideas and other boards to collect new ideas. Every pin, board and person on Pinterest has an individual link, which makes sharing easy.

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