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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people voted no on recall in California?

With nearly 60% of ballots counted, more than two-out-of-three Californians voted “no” on the recall. There remain millions of ballots left to count, including those cast on election day, but the Associated Press called the race for Newsom Tuesday night.

Who is leading in the recall race for California governor?

Larry Elder, a conservative talk radio host, leads the challengers in most polls. Since 1960, every California governor has faced a recall attempt. Only one has ever reached an election. In 2003, Governor Gray Davis, a Democrat, lost to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Circle size is proportional to the amount each county’s leading candidate is ahead.

Can the California Supreme Court be recalled?

Article II of the California Constitution, approved by California voters in 1911, allows people to recall and remove elected officials and justices of the State Supreme Court from office.

What does the recall petition mean for California?

The recall petition focused on a variety of grievances, on issues such as sanctuary policies, homelessness, taxes, and water rationing.

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