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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the outcome of the recall in California?

The governor declared that in saying “no” to the recall, Californians were really saying “yes” to vaccines, science, inclusion and pluralism. Gov. Newsom’s robust defeat of the recall gives him a head start in the 2022 gubernatorial election. WhatMatters Daily updates on your state government.

How many governors have been recalled in California?

This election is the result of one of 179 attempts to recall a state-level elected official in California since voters gained the right to recall in 1911, one of 55 attempts to recall a governor, and one of six such efforts to remove Newsom. Every California governor since 1960 has faced some form of a recall attempt.

When is the deadline for the California recall?

The petition was initially given a signature deadline of November 17, 2020, but was extended to March 17, 2021, by Sacramento County Superior Court Judge James P. Arguelles due to the pandemic. Arguelles ruled that recall proponents would have a longer time window to collect signatures than they normally would have under non-pandemic circumstances.

What happens if a majority votes no on recall?

If a majority votes no on the recall, Gavin Newsom will remain governor. If a majority votes yes, the challenger with the most votes will be sworn in upon the election’s certification. Will we have any idea of the vote beforehand? Probably.

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