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Frequently Asked Questions

Was the California recall a referendum on Newsom's failure?

Faulconer, speaking before any results were in, positioned the recall as "a referendum on Gavin Newsom's failure," saying, "That's why so many Californians not only signed the recall petition, but that's why Californians in all parts of the state, all party registrations, are ready for a change at the top."

What does the recall petition mean for California?

The recall petition focused on a variety of grievances, on issues such as sanctuary policies, homelessness, taxes, and water rationing.

What did Newsom say in his response to recall petition?

Newsom's official response to the petition touted his support for funding education, health care, and infrastructure, noted the State's fiscal health, and warned that the recall campaign was a partisan attack that would result in a costly election.

How many signatures do you need to recall a governor?

Based on the previous gubernatorial election, the 2021 recall petition required 1,495,709 signatures. When the secretary of state confirms that a recall petition meets the required number of signatures, a recall election must be scheduled within 60 to 80 days.

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