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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word paper mean in English?

uk ​ /ˈpeɪpə r/ us ​. › [ U ] thin, flat material used for writing, printing, or drawing on: There was a huge stack of papers on her desk. a sheet/piece of paper Someone had printed the memo on yellow sheets of paper and posted it around the office.

What is the meaning of the Cambridge paper?

The paper recommends a series of steps for dealing with the problem. The engineers worked out their ideas on paper. It's a good plan on paper, but will it really work? The plan of the paper is as follows. The rest of the paper is organized as follows.

Which is the best app for Cambridge Dictionaries?

Cambridge Dictionaries. This app contains Cambridge Dictionaries in which you can search English Grammar, an indispensable reference guide to contemporary English grammar and usage. It gives you clear explanations of natural written and spoken English and is ideal for learners of English.

What do you mean by paper in Chinese?

字典通常用薄纸印刷。 This card is printed on recycled paper (= paper made from used paper). 这张卡片是用再生纸印的。 Get the idea down on paper (= write it) before you forget it. 把想法写在纸上以免忘了。

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