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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view my Cambridge Investment Research Account? is a site where all of your Cambridge Investment Research accounts can be viewed. You can access daily snapshots, a history of transactions, performance statistics and more.

How many Cambridge Investment Research Associates are there?

Over 3,300 financial professionals throughout the country choose Cambridge, and we have over 800 associates on our team to serve them and their clients. Through these financial professionals, Cambridge serves more than 400,000 individual retirement accounts and retirement plans, as well as over 300,000 nonretirement accounts.

Who is the Cambridge Investment Group, Inc?

Cambridge Investment Group, Inc. is a privately controlled financial solutions firm focused on serving independent financial advisors and their investing clients with a broad range of choices regarding financial Solutions.

Why is Cambridge Investment Research important to you?

We believe every journey is important. We are independent. We are Cambridge. Is technology keeping you from what’s important? This opens in a new window. Digital wealth at your fingertips. CLIC ® Advisor utilizes innovative partnerships with FinTech providers in a streamlined experience while supporting advisor choice.

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