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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the professionals at Cambridge Investment Research?

Independent financial professionals choosing Cambridge are financial planners, retirement planners, wealth advisors, investment advisors, fiduciary advisors, and succession planners for business owners. As a client, they can offer you a long term, trusted relationship to help you meet your financial goals.

Where can I view my Cambridge Investment Research Account? is a site where all of your Cambridge Investment Research accounts can be viewed. You can access daily snapshots, a history of transactions, performance statistics and more.

Where is Cambridge Investment Research located in Iowa?

Cambridge is located in Fairfield, Iowa, where it is the largest employer with over 800 associates in this Midwestern community of about 10,000 residents. Just over 50 percent of Cambridge’s associates live in the immediate area and Cambridge draws most of the other half of its associates from six surrounding counties in southern Iowa.

Is there an ESOP plan for Cambridge Investment Research?

The Cambridge ESOP, Advisor, and Management Ownership: Beginning in 2017, Cambridge offered a major expansion of our associate benefits with the Cambridge Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) to eligible associates.

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