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Frequently Asked Questions

How did Cambridge, Ohio get its name?

In 1796 Col. Ebenezer Zane received funds to cut a road from Ohio to Kentucky. He responded by naming the first settlements in honor of Cambridge, Maryland. The land on which part of Cambridge stands was granted by Zaccheus Biggs and Zaccheus Beatty by the government in 1801.

Who is the mayor of Cambridge, OH?

As Mayor of the City of Cambridge Ohio, I promote honoring our past as we move forward to our exciting future. Taxpayers and employees will be involved in the organization, planning, and implementation of projects to benefit growth and development of the City.

How big is the statewide imagery in Ohio?

The core imagery deliverable produced through OSIP III will be 6-inch pixel resolution 3-band (RGB) 8-bit natural color digital aerial imagery* rectified to the existing statewide 2.5FT DEM.

Who are the early settlers of Cambridge Ohio?

Another group of early settlers from the Isle of Guernsey in the British Channel pitched camp in 1806 in Cambridge because the women in the party refused to move on. Long ago, the Delaware, Shawnee, Wyandotte, Miami, Chippewa and Mingo indians traveled the forest spread throughout Guernsey County.

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