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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open my webcam?

Visit the computer manufacturer's website. Look for the link to the "Support" department and click on it. Click on the link to "device drivers.". Select your computer model, or type it in, and find the link for a device driver for the web cam.

How do I Turn On my integrated webcam?

How Do I Turn on My Integrated Webcam In YouCam, click the Configure icon . Select USB Video Device from the Capture Device drop-down list.If no webcam capture device is listed, go to Verify the... You can also select the Capture quality and Video size . Select OK to accept the selection. Exit and restart the YouCam application to view an image See More....

What is the best free video capture software?

CamStudio is one of the best free video captures to record screen objects and create them in AVI format. This piece of software consists of various powerful features, which make your life easier. It offers a variety of features like high definition Screen recording, video compression, and much more.

How do I test my laptop camera?

Click Start and then My Computer or Computer.. The webcam will appear as one of the devices in your computer. Click the name of the webcam and see if the webcam displays images. If the display is blurry, configure the webcam settings through the webcam program saved in your computer upon installation.

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