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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of film is on a 110 camera?

The 110 cassette contains 16mm wide film, with one perforation at each frame which engaged with a pin beside the film gate to control the film advance. Like 126, 110 film is pre-exposed with a border and frame number between the frames.

When did the Kodak 110 film cartridge come out?

The 110 cartridge was introduced by Kodak in 1972 with Kodak Pocket Instamatic cameras with Kodachrome-X, Ektachrome-X, Kodacolor II, and Verichrome Pan film. The new pocket-sized cameras became immediately popular, and soon displaced competing subminiature cameras, such as the Minolta 16 series, from the market.

How much does a vintage 110 camera cost?

Besides the cameras (which range in price up to $129.95), the system includes four kinds of film (two of them new), a new slide mount system, and three new, small Carousel projectors with 120-slide trays. The cameras are all Instamatic-easy to use.

What was the shutter speed on a 110 camera?

As the majority of 110 cameras were extremely simple - with a few notable exceptions such as the Rollei range and the Minolta and Pentax SLRs. Most 110 cameras had a single shutter speed and aperture setting and no focusing available, the success of getting prints from these tiny 13x17mm negatives relied on the latitude of the film.

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