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Frequently Asked Questions

What does film back mean on a camera?

“Film back” is common terminology for the dimensions of a film frame’s or electronic sensor’s imaging area. Focal length is the optical magnification power of a lens.

How does a digital back work on a 35mm camera?

It works by placing a focusing screen where you would normally put a film roll, allowing the image to be created on your newly attached sensor. The image is then saved onto an SD card and can be viewed on the LCD display or your attached smartphone.

How much does a digital camera back cost?

This lets cameras that were designed to use film take digital photographs. These camera backs are generally expensive by consumer standards ( US$ 5,000 and up) and are primarily built to be attached on medium- and large-format cameras used by professional photographers .

Is there a digital back for Nikon cameras?

All of this isn’t a new idea, though. Nikon previously had a patent for a digital back for film cameras, and in recent years we featured two photographers who separately tried their hand at creating their own DIY digital backs. I’m Back is available in exchange for a €175 (~$207) contribution on Kickstarter (cheaper...

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