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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get my film developed in the UK?

Developing your camera film in-store In-store photo developing is available at many of our branches across the UK, simply use our branch finder to locate your nearest Max Photo centre where you'll be able to get your films developed and collect your photos in under an hour (or whenever is convenient for you).

How long does it take to develop camera film?

Film processing in just 9 working days Though the arrival of the digital age has forced the printing industry to evolve, the appeal of traditional film remains. Thanks to our camera film developing service, you can take yours along to your nearest Boots Photo store and we’ll return your photo prints back in just 9 working days.

Where can I get 35mm film developed locally?

It’s easy to discover where to get film developed locally to you. Find your nearest Boots Photo store here Have your 35mm film developed and printed on high-quality photo paper.

Can I use film to develop photos?

Yes you can! Film developing is making a huge comeback. From the moment you leave your camera films with us, we'll take great care of your photos when developing your film. Max Spielmann has years of experience processing film to develop quality photos for casual to professional photographers alike. How long does film developing by post take?

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