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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you turn on webcam on Dell laptop?

1.Turn on your Dell Latitude and click on the "Start" tab on the main desktop screen. A list of options will appear in a drop-down window. 2.Click "Dell Webcam" from the list of options in the window. 3.Click on "Dell Webcam Center" and the program will open.

Where is the camera located on a Dell laptop?

The webcam is located towards the bottom left side of the screen, between the corner and the Dell logo. This is the only location on the laptop’s monitor that the screen does not reach the utmost edge (hence the name of the display, Infinity Edge).

Why is my Dell laptop camera not working?

Outdated BIOS can also lead you to the Dell laptop camera not working issue. Therefore, to fix such kind of issue, you have to update the BIOS. To do that, you need to go to the settings, first. Then, in the Settings, you need to look for and select the ‘Update & Security’ option.

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