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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a computer monitor from target?

A computer monitor gives a desktop system the window to show its configuration and features. You might have a high clock speed, a fast processor or great graphics, all you need is the right screen to flaunt all the cool features. Target offers you a wide range of options for different sizes and features that meet your requirements and style.

What is the best Android camera monitor app for Android?

KidsGuard Pro is the best Android camera monitor app available. You can track almost every activity of the target person on his/her phone remotely. The most important point is that you can spy on the target person with an almost negligible chance of getting detected.

What are the components of a target CaM?

There are four basic components in any wireless Target Cam system: electronic video camera, remote transmitter, local receiver, and a display unit (which can be a TV set, computer monitor, or dedicated display). For a camera, you can use a commercial-type security camera or a consumer camcorder. Security cams are more sturdy and weather resistant.

Why do I need an external camera for my monitor?

If you own a desktop or all-in-one computer instead of one of these portable devices, you will probably need an external camera to attach to your monitors. You may also want to upgrade your portable device's built-in camera to an external one with better imaging, sound or other features.

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