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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my camera on my laptop?

Whenever a laptop comes with an inbuilt webcam, a default application will be provided by the manufacturer to access the cam. Search for the same and use it. You can also access the cam through control panel. Control panel->hardware and sound->device manager->imaging devices->web cam->enable.

How do you take pictures from your webcam?

All you have to do to take a picture with your webcam is to click or tap the Photo button. Note that, if the Camera app were in Video mode, you would have to click twice on the Photo button: once to switch to the Photo mode and once to take the picture.

How do you turn your camera on your computer?

Follow the below instructions to enable the camera to your computer. 1: Firstly click on “Start” or the “Windows” icon in the lower left corner of your desktop. 2: From the Start screen choose “Settings”. 3: Now from the settings window, choose “Privacy”. 4: Inside the privacy section, from the left pane, click on “Camera”.

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