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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a webcam toy work in Google Chrome?

Sorry, Webcam Toy does not work in this web browser. Please try using Chrome or Edge. Please try again! More effects… Loading… Please try again! Photo tweeted! Please try again!

How can I use webcam toy offline?

Offline: To use Webcam Toy offline, open the app once whilst connected to the Internet and allow it to download completely. Only then can you disconnect and use it offline. Webcam Toy will load in a few seconds.

What can I do with my webcam for free?

Take photos with your webcam using over 80 free fun effects. Save photos to your computer or post to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook. Play with more than 80 fun camera effects and filters, take photos, save to your computer, and post them straight to Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

Is there an app to record webcam videos?

Webcamio is an easy-to-use online app that allows you to quickly record webcam videos. To get started, you need to allow access to the webcam in the browser. This window usually appears at the top of the browser. Now you can use your webcam and record videos or take photos.

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